Staff & Officials

Our Deacons

Class of 2024         Class of 2025         Class of 2026

Butch Porter          Trudy Burkert         Steve Thompson

Jean Porter             Lila Waldman

Ruling Elders (Session)

Class of 2024                   Class of 2025         Class of 2026

Ruth Thompson               Elaine Butler          Fred Kocher

Audrey Holt-Grosnick     Judy Skaar

Pastoral Care

David Butler

David assumes his role on July 15, 2019.  His responsibilities are as follows:

     1.  Provide pastoral care to the congregation.
     2.  Accompany a member of the Board of Deacons to deliver communion to home-bound.
     3.  Moderate session meetings.
     4.  Attend committee meetings at First Presbyterian Church as needed.
     5.  Meet with potential new members.
     6.  Attend meetings of John Knox Presbytery.
     7.  Officiate at the sacrament of baptism or assign to the worship leader.
     8.  Officiate at funerals (pastor's prerogative, as requested)
     9.  Moderate the annual congregational meeting.

Worship Leaders

The main Worship Leaders for 2024 are Julie Waterdu and Paul Francis.  Their responsibilities are as follows:

     1.  Preach and lead Sunday worship and any other services within contracted time.
     2.  Prepare the worship bulletin in final form and mail it to the church secretary.
     3.  Officiate at Holy Communion within the worship service.
     4.  Moderate congregational meetings held in the context of worship.
     5.  Attend Worship and Music Committee meetings as needed.
     6.  Receive new members during the worship service.
     7.  May officiate at baptism at the direction of the pastor.


Elaine Butler