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Our mission is "to be a caring community of God's people who live by Christ's teachings, reach out to others to share the love of God, and celebrate the good news of Jesus Christ through worship, prayer, thought, and action."

We would delight in having you join us for Sunday Worship at 10:00 a.m!  All are welcome.  And for our Mission Breakfast.  And for Adult Education.  And the Book Study.  Well, you get the picture.  You are welcome.



The First Presbyterian Church here in Pardeeville, WI, has a rich history. The church was founded in 1857 and is a registered historical site. 









Contact Information

First Presbyterian Church of Pardeeville
105 South Main St.
Mail: P.O. Box 660
Pardeeville, Wisconsin 53954
Phone (608)429-2646


  • Our New Model -- The Worship Team!

    A Journey of Discernment

         As you know, we’ve been in the process of seeking a new pastor for about 16 months.  Our process has led us to the realization that we needed a new model of ministry for our church.

         As we pondered this, we identified two essential elements:  worship, and taking care of our members and others.  We decided to explore a model that has these as two separate roles.  We would search for someone to assume pastoral care responsibilities, and others to lead us in worship. We have found some.  

    Pastoral Care -- David Butler will assume this role on July 15, 2019. His responsibilities are as follows:

    • Provide pastoral care to the congregation.
    • Accompany a member of the Board of Deacons to deliver communion to home-bound.
    • Moderate session meetings.
    • Attend committee meetings at First Presbyterian Church as needed.
    • Meet with potential new members.
    • Attend meetings of John Knox Presbytery.
    • Officiate at the sacrament of baptism or assign this to the worship leader.
    • Officiate at funerals (pastor's prerogative, as requested)
    • Moderate the annual congregational meeting.

    The Worship Leader's responsibilities are as follows:

    • Prepare the worship bulletin in final form and mail it to the church secretary.
    • Preach and lead Sunday worship and any other services within his/her contracted time.
    • Officiate at Holy Communion within the worship service.
    • Moderate congregational meetings held in the context of worship.
    • Attend Worship and Music Committee meetings as needed.
    • Receive new members during the worship service.
    • May officiate at baptism at the direction of the pastor.


    The following have agreed to be our
    Worship Leaders:

          Doug Loving -- July-Sept.
          David Butler -- Oct.
          Julie Waterdu -- Nov.-Dec.
          Dave King and Linda Kuhn -- Jan.-Feb.

    Beyond this, we are open and seeking new (or returning) leadership.


    What must we all do to help this model fly?

          Communicate, communicate, communicate!  Ask questions.  Express delights.  Express confusion.  Express expectations that are, and aren’t, being met.

          This model is authentically new, never-been-tried before, and we plan to refine it as we go along and identify the need.  Please.  This is a model for all of us.  Together we can establish it as something that truly works, for us and for others.  And here we go!


  • A Letter from Terry

                                                 June 2, 2019

    Good day!

       When I was asked by the Committee on Ministry to serve as bridge pastor in Pardeeville back in February 2018, I responded out of a sense of duty to the Presbytery and a willingness to serve a community of faith in transition.  But I was blown away by the warm welcome that awaited me from the moment I walked in the door!  I am most grateful for the remarkable experiences of the last sixteen months.  You are an amazing group of people!

       Earlier this year, I spent three days at Holy Wisdom Monastery in Madison. This is the place I go to listen to God.  While there, one of the things I spoke to God about was my immediate future.  Sadly, I will be ending my time in Pardeeville at the end of June.  Our final worship service together will be on June 30.

       A bridge pastor is assigned to serve a church from the time one pastor leaves until the time the next pastor begins.  I'm happy to say that will be the case for First Presbyterian Church in Pardeeville.  On behalf of the Session, I invite you to a congregational gathering which will be held on Sunday, June 9, after the worship service.  At this gathering, members of our Session will share details of the new pastoral relationship beginning in July.

       I have greatly enjoyed the time I have spent with you in Pardeeville.  I will treasure every minute I have left.  And I thank God for all of you and wish you God's continued blessings as you move forward as a congregation.



  • Summer Schedule Has Begun.

    Our worship time has moved to 9:30.  

  • Save the date(s)!

    Aug. 4, 11:00 --  Lake Day Service

    Aug. 15 -- Pie Social

    More details to follow.

  • Greeters/Ushers & Lay Liturgists for the rest of the year

    There is now a July-Dec. list of  dates for Greeters/Ushers and Lay Litergists.  It can be found under the heading of "Ministries". 


    Thank you to all who participate in sharing these responsibilities.  If you aren't currently involved and would like to be, please contact Vanessa and she will be pleased as punch to include you.

  • Vanessa's hours for the week of May 20, 2019

    Wed., June 12
           9:00-10:00 AM
           4:30-7:30 PM
    Fri., June 14
           9:00 AM- 1:00 PM


  • Greeters/Ushers

    June 16
         Ruth & Steve Thompson
    June 23 & 30
         Severyn Dykstra & Will Vail
    July 7th & 14th
         Butch & Jean Porter
    July 21st & 28th
         Ron & Sandy Pulver


  • Lay Liturgist

    June 16 -- Lila Waldman
    June 23 -- Sandy Pulver
    June 30 -- Connie Pease


   June 2019   

Upcoming Events



9:30 AM
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